Tuesday, 2 December 2014

A Trio of Emery's

When the Emery pattern was released, it was instant love. A fit and flare dress with a cute collar and bow option... We were made for each other.

The EMERY dress is by the wonderful Christine Haynes - which I picked up from Caitlyn at Indie Stitches... Caitlyn blogs over at indiestitchesblog and is definitiely worth a look just for the snaps of her gorgeous garden alone!

Anyway.. back to Emery. I liked it. So I made three. Well - two more recently, and one back in the depth of Melbourne winter.

The first version I made was the 3/4 length sleeve version, with the cute collar - view B

The chambray is a lovely and light and was a dream to sew with. It was a leftover purchase from my trip to Asia last November - it came from either Bali or Kuala Lumpar fabric districts... But I can't remember now!

I was trying to show you my cute pocket fabric! Tessuti scraps of a cotton Gabby dress made earlier in the year.

The following two Emery's were made together and finished this morning! I was quick to take the snaps post finishing, and forgot to remove the basting threads from my floral version!

On a side note... I am quickly discovering how awkward this blog photo business can be - I mean, what do I do with my hands!!

This little number is my 'day of the dead' Emery. And I love it! It is a quilting cotton sourced from Etsy - BUT, that print and the shape of the dress really didn't seem to mind. I also put my first ever lapped zipper in this little guy, thanks to Lladybirds technique she blogged during the OAL.

Taaa daaa!!! :)

The day of the dead emery is view A - with no bows or collars, the fabric is certainly loud enough! I didn't have quite enough fabric for the entire full skirt, which also meant any pattern matching wasn't going to happen.

And the final floral Emery - short sleeves, and a contrasting red cotton poplin collar. I have made the bow, but I am feeling it makes the outfit a little toooo kitsch... is that even a thing?

Again, this fabric is leftover from Asia last November, and it is the softest cotton which sewed beautifully. I think it is somewhere in the lawn family.

Fingers crossed this process of posing and photographing my me mades gets easier! in the meantime, hurrah for awkward photos!

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    To summarise...
    Hooray for simmer dresses and new blog!
    Want that pattern now...
    Maybe try waving your arms around a bit or doing the ymca?
    Nice clogs :-)


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