Thursday, 30 April 2015

Emery - nautical linen love.

Ahoy! This past month has been some serious out of season sewing in preparation for my upcoming adventures in Vietnam and Cambodia... This means that all my me-made-may shenanigans will occur from my backpack.. Brace yourselves for loads of wrinkly linens!

The first item I wanted to sew up, was a Christina Haynes sleeveless linen Emery. The emery is not new to me, in fact this is my fourth! I have feaured my earlier ventures here.

The linen is an el cheapo' painted version from my dear friend Eliza around the corner from my work. It is still quite stiff, despite a wash and run through the dryer before sewing. As I had planned this dress to be a midi and made specifically for travel, I couldn't face paying a bomb for the linen and then having is not last some hard wearing while backpacking...

I love my little necklace - navy, blues, reds and whites - my kind of neutrals! Made by a friend from my home town. Modestbeads. I was hoping to channel the gorman fit and gathered midi dresses. I have been perving on them ferociously for about 12 months. They have a gorgeous moth print dresses and tops at the moment. Must find moth fabric.

I took the time to match my stripes, which turned out beautifully. But they are quite big, so I can't pat myself on the back to much about that... The back skirt stripes are a little off. So just make sure you squint while looking at that...

Sewers confession: I forgot to staystitch my neckline... BOOO!!! So it did stretch out a little. It will be fine for my holiday, but I will go back and nip the front neckline in at the shoulder seam when I get back, I like this dress more than I thought I would and want to keep it in the wardrobe!

My favorite closure of a lapped zipper. I really love the finish of these and they have become my go-to closure. Hurrah for lapped zippers!

Emery spam....

Lotta's from stockholm.

The specs:

Pattern: Christina Haynes Emery

Fabric: Printed linen - Eliza's fabric.

Mods: Added about 4" (another fabric stripe) to lengthen it to mid calf and embrace the midi rage. Also - sleeveless.

Beads: Modestbeads

See also: Miss make, any from Sarah over at a million dresses.

Anywhoooo.... looking forward to seeing all your creations for me-made-may-15!

Thank you 'pre-holiday semi-organised about the wrong things Rachel' for nabbing some snaps of my holiday sews before going away.. and writing some posts! So they will be up over the next few weeks!

See you all soon! xx


  1. love this, it's so cute! the styling is perfect :) have a lovely holiday!

  2. It's gorgeous! How wonderful are those chunky stripes, I just love seeing all the 'handdrawn' look to the stripes and gingham that's around at the moment!

  3. I've said it before - This dress is ridiculously lovely. Well done!

  4. Thanks Veronica! Super happy with this make.

  5. Yay! Thanks Rach - holiday was ACE.

  6. Thank you Elizabeth!! It has become a bit of a favorite. :)


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