Tuesday, 14 April 2015

Me-Made-May '15

I am jumping in again this year!

Last year i signed up for four me mades per week - and easily made this target.

This year I am going for a daily me made item.

HOWEVER! I will be in Vietnam and Cambodia for the first 3 weeks of MMM15. So I am going to allow myself outfit repeats for those three weeks only. I am hoping to whip up a few light tops to take, and I already have a huge selection of dresses for summer. I am not expecting to find huge holes in my wardrobe with MMM this year, simply because I will have a holiday wardrobe for the tropics! Which doesn't really lend itself to real life here in Melbourne...

MMM15/holiday sewing plans:

ALICE top x 2.

SOHO blouse by Sew Kate Sew - x 2

SCOUT by grainline.

IF I have enough time, I also wouldn't mind attempting another EMERY - however, I think that may be a bit too ambitious... 

It will be nice this year to participate with some summer clothes in mind, as last years MMM was particularly chilly and a bit boring!

As with last year - I will be documenting my memades over on instagram. So pop over there if you would like to check it out! :)

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