Tuesday, 2 June 2015

#MMMAY15 roundup.

Me Made May is over for another year!

Thank you so much to Zoe for coming up with this fabulous challenge - and sorry to all my non sewing Instagram friends for the past 4 weeks of outfit spam!

I met my challenge of one me made item per day, however, I was travelling, so the items were frequently and often repeated! - and usually very wrinkly!

Days 1 - 9.
1 & 2: - the same! Thanks Jetstar for losing my bags! SewKateSew - Soho Blouse (unblogged)
4: Tessuti linen and sateen Alice top. (unblogged)
5: Tessuti Gabby Dress.
7: Another Tate top... whipped up the night before I left.. luckily as I wore it A LOT!
8: my Bombshell from Closet Case Files. I LOVE HER - and I managed to get some photo's of it.. so that will be coming soon to the blog. (unblogged)
9: Hacked Midi twirling skirt - probably a waste of suitcase space since I only wore it this day.

Days 10-18:

10: Nettie Hack swimsuit
11: Tessuti Alice
12: Tate top
13: Emery - Christine Haynes
14: SewKateSew - Soho
15: Sewaholic Saltspring! - I ripped her straight across my hip, need too investigate fixing or refashioning - I fecking love this fabric too hard to let it die!
16: Nettie Hack - ASOS RTW top.
17: Gabby.
18: Tate top.

Day 19-27

19: Gabby
20: Emery
21: Soho blouse
22: Nettie Hack (aka - the best swimmers ever).
23: Gabby - again.
24: Saltspring
25: HOME! - cold melbourne weather. BOO. Sewaholic wool hollyburn - not blogged.
26: Birds of a feather - simplicity 2444 with gathered skirt.
27: Another Hollyburn! - this time the shorter version in absolutely shite fabric....

Day 28-31

28: Chambray Emery - I do love this pattern.
29: Green Ponte Moneta by Colette - with peter pan collar. (unblogged)
30: My favorite Green swing coat - which I made in the coat class at thread den in 2013. (unblogged)
31: Colette patterns Astoria! I had to join the astoria club - knit was purchased in Vietnam! And a circle skirt.

Final thoughts:

I loved participating. But I hated the photo's. I thought I would be all cheeky and do layout photo's to save the selfie - not a selfie fan. But that ended up being more work... GAH!

I had been looking forward to doing MMM while travelling, for summery fun clothes. This was fine, however, it did limit my insight into wardrobe holes etc. I feel that I am well on my way to having an entirely me made wardrobe - and the next level is me starting to churn out basics, tee's and long sleeved tops... and jeans. I am still not confident enough to tackle jeans, so I will put basics on the list for sewing this year.. and work my way into jeans....

The swimsuits I made - a bombshell from Heather Lou, and a Nettie Hack - also from Closet case files, were total work horses! I love them. They came in super handy for my trip, and also, were a good me made to chuck on in the afternoons for a swim when I needed to wear RTW clothes through the day (i.e. - when hiking!).

Happy Me-Made-Maying for another year!

See you all soon! xx


  1. ah I love it all! I got so bored of MMM after about 5 days and just gave up need to make all the boring tshirts too! you did so well!

  2. I gave up last year as well - getting board after a few weeks! Yes - sew all the boring, bu necessary things!...


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