Tuesday, 14 July 2015

Summery kimono's and blue suede shoes.. baby.

This piece was made for the sole purpose of wearing with my amazing blue suede boots I got made in Vietnam. For anyone travelling to Vietnam, more specifically Hoi An, I can recommend 09 Shoes and leather at 65 Tran Hung Dao StreetHoi An 0510Vietnam... I got four pairs made and they all looked fairly lovely - two for my sister and two for myself... As long as you are prepared to get them resoled when you return home after about a season or so of wear (it just keeps them looking lovely, and they stay well shaped)...

Anyway... Enough about amazing blue leather boots... More about this kimono. There isn't much to say that isn't covered in the tutorial I used to make it from - which can be found here. It was a really quick sew up - probably about an hour. Mainly due to me whipping the seams through the over locker instead of taking the time to french seam the thing. Being able to wear it the same afternoon was totally worth it though :)

The fabric is a spectacular silk crepe de chine remnant I picked up in 2013 in Malaysia - in the KL fabric markets. I have another 5 or six of these in different colourways floating around. This was the biggest piece, and also my favourite print, and I was able to eeek out the Kimono by adjusting my rectangle sizes to fit.
I won't cover the construction details, as it is quite easily laid out in the tutorial that I have linked too. But It was really simple. Next time I make this I think I will add a hem band around the neckline and sides so the finish a little bit more professional. Currently I have just completed a rolled hem, which looks OK, but is a little on the wonky side around the curved front.

I am fully aware that pretty floral prints like this belong in spring and summary makes - but it makes me very happy to don something this bright and pretty in the depths of winter! All in all.. a simple a fun make, which has been in high rotation, despite the chilly weather, since it has been made!

The Specs:

Pattern: Tutorial by Elle Aparrel - adjusted to fit my measurements.

Fabric: Silk Crepe De Chine remnant from Malaysia.

Time: from cutting to finished - an hour.

Cost: The remnant was $4- AUD and a free tutorial. So this number was a cheapy!

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  1. Springtime at your house! YAY, I haven't seen that kimono tutorial, thanks for the link! There are lovely fabrics for kimonos around here!

  2. Yes! You would be able to find some beautiful bright things around there for summer! Can't wait to see what you come up with! :)


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