Thursday, 29 January 2015


So I am swimming beneath a pile of taffeta, tulle and bemberg lining at the present while I plummet into the depths of little people sewing to create some super sweet little flower girl dresses for a wedding at the end of February... nothing to share on this front yet! Stay tuned for these little numbers...

That said... I don't think there will be any time for selfish stitching until after the wedding, so i have decided to share an early summer make - the Tessuti Gabby Dress!

It is an A-line T-shirt dress shape that just hangs from the bust, so a lovely drapey fabric is needed for it to sit well on your lady lumps. The dress is definitely a little shorter than I would normally wear, but it is just so cool and summery that dammit! I will get those pins out :)..

The fabric is a delicious cotton print that I purchased on my very first trip to Tessuti many moons ago. And then I hoarded it. (I am very good at hoarding fabric - especially fabric I think is special, it's like I don't trust my sewing skills yet and have to earn it). Being so long ago - it obvs isn't still in stock - however, here are some similar light cottons prints for your perving pleasure!

It was a little sheer, so instead of the binding around the neckline, I lined it with a plain white cotton - which I have recently run out of after mass purchasing 10m of it over 12 months ago! The perfect lining fabric....

The only down side of this fun Gabby - is the nipple factor. Yup. That print has the potential to look like a big giant nipple. Some considerate cutting came into play to avoid actual nipple print on direct nipple... but I didn't manage to avoid dreaded nipple/butt. Oh well - in the war against nipple/butt you can't always win.... It doesn't bother me enough not to wear it, and everyone else who has commented feels they look like the ends of pencil... We definitely have different thought patterns...

Ahh - nipple butt..

And a final close up/outtake of the fun print!

The deets:

Pattern: Tessuti - Gabby Dress

Fabric: Cotton print from Tessuti

Size: L

Alterations: Nil. However, could probably do with a few more cm's added next time.

See also: Rachel, Anna, Kat

I have also recently finished the bombshell swimsuit from Heather over at closet case files - just trying to muster up the courage and work out how best to blog that little beauty! Because I love her..! 


  1. Haha nipple but... Sigh
    Just had a secret cry over unavailable fabric but oh wells... This looks so nice rach! 😊 cannot wait to see the swimsuit!!! Yessss

    1. I don't even have any scraps to share! :( Have you made the bombshell?


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